Gidge H&PC

Showjumping & XC Training Day

Sun 25th June 2023

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Entries Close Wed 21st June 2023 @ 5pm


  • Please complete and pay for A SEPARATE ENTRY FOR EACH HORSE.
  • Why? If you follow the process, for every entry we’ll know who the rider is, who the emergency contact is, who to contact if we have questions about the entry and which horses are entered to do which things. We’ve linked the rider and emergency contact information to the First Aid Levy field as that’s the only thing that every rider needs to pay. So if you don’t select a First Aid Levy with EACH ENTRY, we won’t know what’s going on and that will definitely anger our Event Secretary because she’ll need to contact you to get the information and the five bucks, and you don’t want to do that.
  • So, if you’re only entering for ONE HORSE, select the First Aid Levy (1st Entry) which is $5.
  • And if you’re entering for MORE THAN ONE HORSE, select the First Aid Levy (1st Entry) on your first entry and the First Aid Levy (Multiple Entries) on your second or subsequent entries as that option will only charge you 50c.
  • Easy, isn’t it?
  • As above, please complete a seperate entry for each horse.
  • Late entries may be available on the day for SJ & XC rounds depending on numbers, but no entries on the day will be accepted for Dressage.


  • Prep 2
  • Prelim 1.2
  • Novice 2.2
  • EvA 45 & 60
  • EvA 80



  • Training rounds from 9:00
  • Pony club members will be gear checked but can wear rally uniform
  • S/J Enquiries Jan 0402 760 860


  • Training rounds from 9:30am to 2pm
  • All riders must wear long sleeves, medical armbands and body protectors.
  • Course will have directional flags, water jump available
  • Pony Club members will be gear checked X-C gear checking rules apply
  • X/C Enquiries Jan 0402 760 860


  • Casual dress or rally uniform
  • Dressage Enquiries

A reminder to all competitors that you are responsible for removing all spilled hay/manure from the area around your float before leaving. Manure piles are located near each stable complex.


Stables are available for this event – free for Gidge club members and $30 for non-members – on a first-come, first-served basis. $20 of that is refundable if the stable is left clean after you’ve finished with it.

Everyone using a stable (including club members) need to follow these steps:

On arrival, find a stable, put a bucket or haynet in it to indicate it’s going to be used, make a note of the stable number on the wall, come to the front desk and let us know which stable you’d like and pay in cash/card. Before you leave, clean your stable, take a photo of the stable including the stable number, bring the photo to the front desk and get your refund in cash.


Where possible, please advise any changes/scratchings by Friday 6pm so we can include them in the final draw.

All scratchings prior to the start of the event or where a refund is being requested should be emailed to

If you’re at the event and decide to scratch from a class, please also notify the front desk so we can let the marshalls know.

A full refund will be given on presentation of a vet or doctors certificate.